5 Oral Sex Tips to Blow His Mind

5 Oral Sex Tips to Blow His Mind

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One of the most intimate pleasures you can do with your partner is oral sex, not to mention it feels really fkn good for the receiver. Watching your partner as passion and pleasure overwhelms their body can be a huge ego ego boosting turn-on for the giver as well which can make oral sex a win-win.

Now I know you’re wondering …. How can I blow his mind?? Well, we’ve got a couple tricks up our sleeve that can make your oral sex game the best it can be for both giving AND receiving. Just like everything else with sex, we want you to get creative, be open-minded, and be prepared to BLOW THEIR MIND!! Here’s a few tips and tricks from our book that may help you out:


I’m sure you have a few vibrators laying around that you may be using already for personal use. This is a great way to add a new sensation when giving fellatio to your partner. Try using the Midnight Vibrating Penis Ring while you take your partner in your mouth, place the vibrating function on your partner's testicles for double sensation … as you’re taking your partner in your mouth the vibration on his testicles will make his toes curl.

The Midnight Vibrating Penis Ring

The Midnight Vibrating  Penis Ring


The snug-fitting ring fits around the base of his penis, isolating and limiting the flow of blood during sex. This causes blood to gather in his shaft, artificially boosting his length and girth. The ring’s tight fit also makes it… Read More


With their permission, of course, the blindfold will heighten your partner’s senses and makes each erogenous zone that much more sensitive. You can also use the Dark Desires Stimulating Vibrator to tickle your partner's shaft, balls, or head with the vibrator while blindfolded to make the sensation even more intense.

The Dark Desires Clitoral Suction Vibrator

The Dark Desires Clitoral Suction Vibrator


Vibration Intensity Level: 10 out of 10 If your G-Spot needs power, then you need the Dark Desires Clitoral Stimulating Vibrator. Its perfect blend of sinfully smooth curves and ultra-powerful vibrations know just how to set off body-quaking G-gasms. Add… Read More

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Because who doesn’t feel sexy and empowered when their partner is hyping them up? Not only does it boost your confidence and turn you on but it will definitely heighten the experience knowing how excited and enthusiastic you are about pleasing them. Whether it’s “I love the taste of this big d**k in my mouth” or even moans and groans while you're taking him to ecstasy. The more detailed the compliments the sexier.



This can work for both giving and receiving. This is an amazing way to connect with your partner (even if your mouth is full lol) and is a huge turn-on for your partner while receiving oral.

5. A TON OF SPIT !!!!!

What's our trick you ask? Go as deep as you can, the deeper you go the more mucousy your spit which makes for great lubrication while giving oral. Basically tricking your mind into gagging. Don’t be afraid to spit on it while making eye contact, and slurp it back up for a little razzle-dazzle. The wetter, the better.


YES, we're giving you a bonus MUST HAVE tip - POPPING YOUR TASTE VITA! 

Remember to pop your 2 Taste Vita capsules 2 hours prior to oral sex to give you a sweeter taste down below. That way after you’ve completed tips 1-5 you’re now able to swallow LIKE A PRO

Taste Vitamin

Taste Vitamin


Packed with premium natural ingredients, Taste is an organic vitamin that works with your natural pH levels to improve the taste and smell of bodily secretions for him and her. Just take two capsules two hours before activity. For best results; take… Read More


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