G-Spot or OMG-Spot???

G-Spot or OMG-Spot???

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Okay, so we’ve all heard about the G-Spot and how groundbreaking it is when you experience an orgasm triggered by your G-Spot. The real question we’re all wondering is 1. What and where is my G-Spot? 2. How do I find MINE?? Well, listen up.

"The G-spot is a zone of tissues and nerves in people with vaginas that exists somewhere between the vagina and the urethra (the exact spot varies by body)," explains Che Che Luna, a sensuality coach and sex educator with Allbodies, an online platform for reproductive and sexual health. Some people find stimulation of this area reallyyy pleasurable. To find your G-Spot you’re going to want to insert a finger or 2 into your vagina, located around 2-3 inches inside the vaginal wall (the part closest to your stomach.) You’ll notice the tissue here feels different than other areas in your vagina, a little thicker, ridged, and a bit rougher to the touch - this area will also plump up when it’s rubbed or aroused. Keep in mind that every body is different and it may take some exploring to find your spot.

How will you know when you've found your G-spot? "Some people describe stimulation of the G-spot as a deep, internal sensation that intensifies through stimulation," says Luna. Now if you don’t experience pleasure from this, THAT IS OKAY, you are not broken. It’s all about your preference. We do recommend exploring and finding yours to determine if you find it pleasurable or not.

The G-spot may be easier to pinpoint with erotic toys that are angled upward and designed to (literally) hit the spot. Certain sexual positions, like being on top at a 45-degree angle can also help. We highly recommend self-exploration, finding what works for you and what doesn’t. How does the saying go? You never know until you try it. Here are a couple Vibrators that target your G-Spot and give you an extra hand. (NO PUN INTENDED)

G-Spot Vibrator 

Enjoy two types of leg-shaking stimulation in one package with the Pink Panther G-Spot Vibrator. This rechargeable gem combines a suction-powered clit stimulator with traditional vibrations to leave you moaning and groaning. The soft silicone clit stimulator fits easily around your clit where it uses a vacuum to create a gentle sucking sensation similar to oral sex. While the stimulator’s sucking your love nub, the rest of the Malibu Minx is rocking your G-Spot. The curved and ribbed, bulbous tip makes your G-Spot easy to find, while the powerful internal motor delivers direct vibrations for intense thrills. With the vibe teasing two of your most sensitive erogenous zones at the same time, your next Big O is right around the corner!

Thrusting Vibrator

Meet the lusty, thrusting rabbit vibrator guaranteed to take you over the edge.  Pink Thrusting Rabbit Vibrator's creamy-smooth silicone shaft thrusts in half an inch deep for intense G-Spot pleasure. While you explore 9 functions of thrust, its dual motors go to work sending pulse-racing vibration right to your hot spots, each with 9 functions of vibration to choose from. Independent controls let you mix and match the thrust and vibration settings for the perfect blend of ohh-mazing stimulation.


At the opposite end of The Surrender Strapless Strap-On Vibrator, the silky silicone probe is nice and long, offering lots of room for deep insertion; an upward tilt to the tip naturally targets a partner's g-spot or prostate. There are three available speeds of vibration at the clitoral stimulator and 12 more in the penetrator, so needless to say, you'll both be very happy! The shaft and bulb functions are separately controlled on The Surrender Strapless Strap-On Vibrator's mid-point, so you'll both be able to customize sensation throughout playtime.


Thrill your deepest pleasure zones with 8 inches of thrust-gasmic length and intense 10 variations of rotation and vibration! The 8 Inch Chocolate Dream Vibrating Dildo textured veins, ridges, and shaped head feel so good going deep. Grab it by the big balls and thrust, or stick its suction cup to a hard surface for a bouncy, hands-free play session.

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