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I’ve always been comfortable with my sexuality and I’ve always had an appreciation for the full sexual experience

- Brittney Turner ( Founder & CEO)

As I got more experienced in sex I realized that men and women both ultimately wanted the same things out of their experience, to please and to be pleased from A-Z.

On many occasions I sat with friends and as we opened up about our “dos and don’ts” of sex I realized how everyone wanted different things. Some craved size, some craved intimacy, some emphasized the length of their experience.

The one thing that everyone could agree on was the taste of their oral sex experience!! I’ve always heard how fruits (pineapples especially) had a direct affect on the down below taste. Until eating pineapples everyday for weeks straight made no difference at all. That’s when I discovered the idea of Taste.

I developed a vitamin to create a beautiful finish to your sexual experience. Taste was created to spice up bedrooms all over the world and leave your partner craving for more.

For Him
& Her

You see I don’t think there will ever be ONE ingredient that can directly impact the taste of your secretions. I think a formula mixed with rich, all natural ingredients is what gets the job done. So that’s exactly what I did!

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