Black Plush Cuffs
Black Plush Cuffs
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Black Plush Cuffs

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 Ideal for bondage beginners and experts alike, these faux-fur cuffs add a whimsical touch while keeping your partner securely restrained!

  • Soft, colorful faux fur makes the cuffs more inviting and comfortable
  • Heavy-duty metal construction for your wildest bondage fantasies
  • Works with other bondage items for versatile fun
  • Cuffs are fully adjustable and come with 2 keys
  • Safety release allows for easy removal even if you lose your keys
  • Fits wrists and ankles up to 2.5 inches wide
  • Made from metal and faux fur

If ordinary handcuffs are too intimidating, then you’ll love Plush Love Cuffs. These soft restraints are covered in colorful, faux fur – making them much more inviting for beginners. Even bondage experts will love how comfortable the cuffs feel… and the fact they don’t leave any marks the next day!

Underneath the soft faux fur is the same rugged, all-metal construction you’d expect from a pair of cuffs. The heavy-duty metal can stand up to even your wildest bondage fantasies. You can use the restraints to tie your partner’s wrists or ankles together or cuff them to the bed. The cuffs can easily be used with other bondage items such as ropes or other restraints for even more versatility.

The fur-lined restraints work just like your standard handcuffs. Place your partner’s wrists or ankles in the open bracelets and then close them. The cuffs should be tight enough to keep them from slipping off but loose enough to slip a pencil between them and your partner skin. The soft furry cuffs come with two keys and an emergency safety release just in case.

The Plush Love Cuffs are made from metal with a faux fur lining. The adjustable cuffs can fit wrists or ankles up to 2.5 inches wide, making them large enough to fit almost anyone.

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